Thursday, September 3, 2009

where am I

I don't know how I got here. I had to have a friend tell me how to get here but I know that I will just forget again. I have the worst memory. I can't remember what the date is no matter how many times I am told I know I'll forget. I always forget peoples names. Once I forgot my OWN sisters name!!! Well ... kind of. It was my trek sister, but hey thats still pretty bad when you've spent a whole week playing games to learn their names. I don't know if tomorrow is a A day or a B day but I think I'll figure it out in the morning. Or I'll just make a lucky geuss. I am in smart peoples' classes, I hang around smart people and I am related to geniuses in Harvord. So I don't think that I am stupid, I think that maby I just am tired, 24/7. I am sure my sanity will return in due time, but untill then, I ask the world to bear with me.

Ps. Today I woke up at 8:00 got to school at 9:00 then went to 2nd, 3rd period. Then got bored went home. Then I took a nap, and went to work then came home ate dinner then started this blog.

Pss. I still have Perfect attendance.


  1. Better get blogging Cameron, we are supposed to have four by now...

  2. We are STILL bearing with you after 5 long years! How much more do we have to wait????