Sunday, September 27, 2009

Christmas is on the horizon

You may think I am crazy, or you may hate me for saying this but.. I am so stoked for Christmas. Yea, Yea, tell me that it's only September, I don't care. Tell me that I am one of those fools who celebrates Christmas way to early and I'd agree with you. It dose not make sense either, but I can't help it. When I am up at 11:00 with 2 hours of homework left all I can think about(other than my homework) is that freedom will come in December. Then I will have a break. I'm crazy but not crazy enough to be looking forward to summer break. But when I think of the break am a forced to think of Opening presents on Christmas day, the snow falling hard, drinking hot chocolate, playing Christmas songs on the piano, watching Elf and Christmas story. Opening presents on Christmas day, going to the ward Christmas party, going and seeing nativities. Singing carols around the ward, no school/homework, and opening presents on Christmas day. Watching Aunt bethany say grace(pledge of allegiance), making cookies for Santa/dad, playing at a Christmas recital for the old geezers at the rest home, and opening presents on Christmas day isn't too bad either. With all these good things I think that we should get a head start. And for anyone who still hates me for starting so early all I have to say is, is it a bad thing to celebrate Christ berth for 6 months in stead of one? Since that is all we are really doing during Christmas, right?

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