Monday, September 7, 2009

Another BCS buster? Not now, Not ever.

I got to see BYU's incredible upset over the oh so coveted Oklahoma Sooners. Last year they averaged 51 points a game against a so called elite conference 0pponents. But a lowly Mountain West team down in a town called Provo where only hicks supposedly live, held the strongest offense in the nation to only one touchdown! But what rials me up is that we get no credit for it. The Oklahoma coach in a press conference afterwords said that the loss was not BYU playing up but the Sooners playing down. This really tics me off. The Mountain West has beat the #3 team in the nation twice. Just barely and Utah's blowout win in the Sugar Bowl. We went 8 and 2 against the pac-10 last year. CSU just beat Colorado, and the list goes on. Yet the rich BCS disregard all of our wins not because they are ignorant to the truth. But they ignore us for one blatant reason, a reason that has sadly run the world since the beginning of time, ... Money. It controls EVERYTHING! Not even high schools can claim their innocence from it, just look at Lone Peak. Then you look at everything else, from Government to Business to all those stupid emails you get from Uganda. We are obsessed. Will it ever change?... maybe in 2012, ... and that's if we are lucky.

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