Monday, September 7, 2009

baby kitties, not worth it

My friend's cat just had yet another litter of kittens. They didn't know about it until they got a call from the shop telling them that in the bed of their truck there were four tiny kittens. So apparently without knowing they drove the truck away with a litter in the back. They got the babies home and hydrated but they were left with one tiny problem. Mama cat was missing. So my best theory is that her motherly hormones got to her and she is out in the middle of nowhere hopelessly looking for her child. She will shortly die of thirst and exhaustion. Sad, yes, but that is the least of my concerns. The owners of the kittens are on vacation and I am left with milk supplement and four squirming puffs of auditory pain. They are SO dang annoying! You try to feed them and they kick and scream the whole way. So you shove the bottle down their throat to shut the dang felines up. Then they squirm so you thing they are done, put em back and then they start meowing profusely and probably profanely. Every little kitten is gray so you can't tell which ones you have fed and which ones you haven't they all are staring back at you meowing for food. And all there little meows sound the same(I know that the last statement was pointless but hey it bothers me).

But I guess I should cut the little rodents some slack, I guess they did lose their mother at such an early age. Plus they are left to a cardboard box in the hot garage together. And I can't even stand to share a room with just one sibling. And I don't know I am not a cat but warm milk can't taste to good.

Well, with all of my complaining I think all I am really trying to say one thing; It's tough being a parent.


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  1. You should be nice to the baby kitties Cameron. Garth trusted you with a very imporant job and if you kill his cat, he won't be too happy.