Saturday, September 12, 2009

BYU Delivers against Tulane, 54-3

It's another Saturday and with that comes college football. I was nerves about how well my cougs would perform after being put into the lime light with and explosive 11 spot jump in the polls. But with the nation watching in anticipation they certainly delivered and ended my jitters pretty quickly. Now we have to wait for the big game next week against the Florida State (wannabe gators). In the middle of the game Max Hall threw up a 26yrd pass to Mckay Jacobson in the enzone. The pass fell a little short and landed right between four eager arms. Mckay ripped it away and got the 6 points. After the play the commentators mentioned how well Jacobson had handle the situation. Then the camera went on to a disappointed Tulane corner. And for some reason the fact that he was black surprised me. I know that a huge proportion of football athletes are African Americans. But in the instance that I saw him I was surprised, thinking to myself, that wow a white boy from Utah just upped a black person from the deep south. Then after the first impact, I asked myself, wait why am I surprised. But I already knew the answer. It has been ingrained by our society that blacks make better athletes. I don't know if they are, or not. But I do know that I shouldn't be surprised to find that blacks don't always make the best athletes. It isn't fair to them. Once I watched a movie that hit on the point that there is a Burden of Perfection. The burden is that of those who are born with the label of a high expectation, and if they do not succeed to that potential then they are considered a failure by society.
Now of course all of this did not cross my mind in the middle of the game I was way too excited to see if BYU would reach the 60 point mark. But I had to say something interesting in this blog, didn't I?

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