Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thoughtful question?

With the start of the new school year we have been forced to cope with new teachers new classmate and a new sleeping schedule. It made me think how much I missed sleeping in during the summer. I complained that I was always so tired. But this made me stop and consider, do we really love to sleep in, or is it just that we don't want to wake up. Now if your first reaction is anything like mine, you will be telling yourself that oh I definitely love to sleep in cause it feels good to be asleep. But if you think a little deeper you will find that it is not so simple. I think that we just don't want to wake up, and that is why we would rather sleep in. My evidence is this, that when you were a kid could you possibly sleep in on Christmas? When you have been awake for several hours do you want to go back to bed? I don't, because I have already got started on the day it would be worthless to try to avoid it now. But there is one major flaw with my evidence, and that flaw is that it can be used to prove both sides of the argument. You could say that on Christmas that presents were better than that oh so sweet extra sleeping time, or you could argue that you just simply don't want to avoid waking up. So since it is not possible to prove with evidence I will ask your opinion. Do we like to sleep in, or do we just simply not want to wake up?