Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Rudy message

This week I watched Rudy. A uplifting story of a boy that works his whole life to run out of the locker room for Notre Dame. My hate for the insanely overrated fighting Irish aside, I thought the movie had a good message of putting your whole heart into what ever you do. He was not athletic and he put in countless hours just to be beat up on the prep team to be able to say that he played for Notre Dame. This illustrates one real aspect in life and that was that people who don't have the talent have the heart. I realize that hard workers are hard workers because they have to be. Those who are born with incredible talent develop the talent until they are accepted for the talent or in other words make the team as a starter. After they have accomplished this they don't have any outside pressure forcing them to be better. This happens all to often. Even the superstars are prone to this. They aren't like others because they put forth the hard work and they have the talent. But once they reach there goal they stop. For example, once Michael Phelps won his eight gold medals know what does he have to work for but to beat himself. "Defeat Yourself" a quote by C.J. Wilcox future NBA star, this quote means that if you can beat yourself you have succeeded. We have all heard this true yet overly cheesy quote countless times from coaches and parents. The problem is that no one has ever really done it except maybe Neil Armstrong. But we as people don't practice something to beat ourselves if we start out terrible. I am not going to join the golf team cause I am bad and want to improve. There are only four reasons we would do something. One, cause we are naturally good at it, that is the only reason I still play soccer. I am expected as a youth in the 21st century to have a hobby that I am good at. Yes I do enjoy playing it, but if I had my choice I'd play basketball because I love it the most. Second, we do something cause we love it, I wish I could say this about basketball. Third is we do something because our parents force us. This applies to me and piano. And fourth we do it cause it socially helps us. For instance someone plays quarter back because they want they attention(glory if you will) of the sport. This summarises half of the football team. They play/dress and watch cause that is what the cool kids do. I only hesitate to say half because some of the players only play football cause they are so freaking fat that's the only sport that they can participate in other than a particular sport in Japan.

no school monday-not for me

Everyone is exited because they can sleep in on monday. Not me. I will know conplain about how woe is me and how my life stinks. I am so disapointed cause the class that I have to go to is my first period. It is a uvu distance education class that doesn't line up with the High School schedule. I have to go and be in class at eight-o-clock. I might just say forget this but there is a quiz that day, or at least my porfessor said there would be. If there isn't I might have to kill someone, actually, no with my luck I can't expect much. Which in turn means that I can't not show up cause if I didn't there would be for sure a quiz. The worst part of the day is that I have another class, but inconviniantly it is at 2:00 so I couldn't just stay at school. But going to school then getting home just to go back again is really the pitts(do they still say the pitts?) oh well if they don't I will just bring it back. Well I will try not to be a pessimst so at least confrence was good.

no school monday-not for me

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Christmas is on the horizon

You may think I am crazy, or you may hate me for saying this but.. I am so stoked for Christmas. Yea, Yea, tell me that it's only September, I don't care. Tell me that I am one of those fools who celebrates Christmas way to early and I'd agree with you. It dose not make sense either, but I can't help it. When I am up at 11:00 with 2 hours of homework left all I can think about(other than my homework) is that freedom will come in December. Then I will have a break. I'm crazy but not crazy enough to be looking forward to summer break. But when I think of the break am a forced to think of Opening presents on Christmas day, the snow falling hard, drinking hot chocolate, playing Christmas songs on the piano, watching Elf and Christmas story. Opening presents on Christmas day, going to the ward Christmas party, going and seeing nativities. Singing carols around the ward, no school/homework, and opening presents on Christmas day. Watching Aunt bethany say grace(pledge of allegiance), making cookies for Santa/dad, playing at a Christmas recital for the old geezers at the rest home, and opening presents on Christmas day isn't too bad either. With all these good things I think that we should get a head start. And for anyone who still hates me for starting so early all I have to say is, is it a bad thing to celebrate Christ berth for 6 months in stead of one? Since that is all we are really doing during Christmas, right?

Elk bugling

Bugling would have been fun if you found any. I went on a weekend trip with my priest quorum. We went down to a town that I didn't know and don't remember. It had a population of 60 all with the same grandpa. We didn't see a single bull let a lone hear one reply to that obnoxiously high pitched squeal. So it is a good thing that we didn't look to long. We went out at night for maybe 20 min. Then we gave up and had a lot more fun playing Scum in our leaders cabin until 3:00 am Which is interesting to me. Why is there such fun in playing a simple card game in the middle of no where with a bunch of buddies, so late that your to tired to think. The thing was that all the leaders stayed up with us including our bishop, which proves that face cards are not of the devil.
I knew all along that we would end up just goofing off instead of seeing the Elk. But that is what I love. It is why I went. I gave up a Soccer Game, Fishing trip, and part of my o so coveted BYU football game, not for the chance to see a thousand pound creature. No, I left for the card game I knew we'd play. I am a die hard believer in the saying that you don't have to have money to have fun. Unless you get really technical and consider the 50 cents to buy the cards. Well I guess, you could consider the cabin as a major expense. Or the gas it took to get down there or subway sandwich that we got for lunch or the cost drink to keep us awake(not booze, remember bishop was there). So maybe it technically requires some money to have a good time, unless you consider playing naked in the dirt a fun time. But overall I would (If you don't like cheese don't read further) say that I would take a good friend over a million dollars any day of the week.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cougar funeral

The BYU cougars died Saturday, their BCS bowl game hopes that is. I am in mourning. This was supposed to be the year. I have been so depressed that it has taken me until Sunday night to write because I've been so depressed that I've been curled up in my bed and crying until now. Well, almost. But I have been pretty depressed. I have tried optimism. Saying that at least it was a loss early in the season. Or at least we beat Oklahoma, or that at least Utah lost too. But none of this really gives me any consolation. I went into this season just hoping for a Mountain West Conference title. I didn't want to make the same mistake that I made last year by expecting to much out of my team. But when they beat Oklahoma all of that BCS potential was restored and along with it high expectations. The absolute best thing in Sports is when you have a underdog team do amazing, and unexpected things. But with that comes the opposite, and that is to have a very very good team lose to an underdog.
So like the rest of BYU nation I am feeling really really Blue, (Cougar Blue that is) .

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Whats up with San Fran?

San Fransisco is the Craziest city in the world. I don't remember why this is on my mind right now, but it is so true. I went there some months ago with my Sheltered Utah County family in our huge van. We were visiting my cousins that live in San Jose. So for one of the days while we were there we decided to go visit the windy road, and the Golden(actually red) Gate Bridge and all that fun. We also heard that down town the local theater was playing the famous Wicked play that my mom loves oh so much. Rumor spread that if we waited the day of the play we could get limited view seats. So there we were in a drug ridden city with our Utah accents and Utah driving skills(don't remind my dad that we drove down a 7 lane one way street in some of the worst traffic ever GOING THE WRONG WAY!). I knew it was going to be an experience but I couldn't see what was coming. We step out of the car and the first thing we see is a wide eyed Homeless man who started to count out loud 1,2,3..5 kids, I recall he said "wow, .. Wow .. WOW, 5 kids!" little did he know that this wasn't even all of us. His surprise was short lived, and his purpose was revealed as he begged my dad for some food. Right then I new we wereN in the MounNs anymore. We moved on to the Theater on the way we passed through drunken women falling around, gangsters, and I saw more toothless men sitting on the curb then singing birds.
The theater told us that we had to wait for and hour to see if we got the tickets that they were raffling off. While me and my siblings waited we were passed by a large black man pushing a shopping cart full of cloths and food and stuff. He stopped turned our direction and I thought my heart was going to stop. But luckily he was on the high side of his LSD (or whatever he was on) and he could only stare off in to the distance as he talked to us. I was really surprised, I must of missed judge homeless people, For some odd reason I thought that they were Ill-educated. Boy did he prove me wrong. He waved his little American flag around and shouted"America, America, America!" "What da 3 branches of Government,.. (we all stood still) "U know da 3 branches?" (silence) "There's the Judicial, da Legislative, and da Executive which is like the President." ... .. .. "There's the Judicial, da Legislative, and da Executive which is like the President." I don't know if he thought that we couldn't hear him or maybe the people in San Fran just need everything twice so they can have time to digest it with there booze. He then walked off with his shopping cart still shouting fro America. But luckily won the tickets and saw Wicked(no Irony there) in San Fransisco. I won't tell you about the places that everyone migrates to in the night life, lets just they go to dances, and its not exactly the type of dances you go to at EFY. I didn't think that the city could get any weirder until that night my cousin told me about the Bush man. He is a homeless man that hides behind bushes and when some random person walks by he jumps out and basically says boo. Now that is fairly reasonable, I've seen almost equivalent at the Junior High. But that's not the craziest thing! He gets paid to do it!
$600,000 dollars a year! Maybe its not weird, maybe I just don't understand the art of scaring people or the cities' whole culture for that matter, but I think I'd rather just be a sheltered Utah hick for the rest of my life.