Sunday, September 27, 2009

Elk bugling

Bugling would have been fun if you found any. I went on a weekend trip with my priest quorum. We went down to a town that I didn't know and don't remember. It had a population of 60 all with the same grandpa. We didn't see a single bull let a lone hear one reply to that obnoxiously high pitched squeal. So it is a good thing that we didn't look to long. We went out at night for maybe 20 min. Then we gave up and had a lot more fun playing Scum in our leaders cabin until 3:00 am Which is interesting to me. Why is there such fun in playing a simple card game in the middle of no where with a bunch of buddies, so late that your to tired to think. The thing was that all the leaders stayed up with us including our bishop, which proves that face cards are not of the devil.
I knew all along that we would end up just goofing off instead of seeing the Elk. But that is what I love. It is why I went. I gave up a Soccer Game, Fishing trip, and part of my o so coveted BYU football game, not for the chance to see a thousand pound creature. No, I left for the card game I knew we'd play. I am a die hard believer in the saying that you don't have to have money to have fun. Unless you get really technical and consider the 50 cents to buy the cards. Well I guess, you could consider the cabin as a major expense. Or the gas it took to get down there or subway sandwich that we got for lunch or the cost drink to keep us awake(not booze, remember bishop was there). So maybe it technically requires some money to have a good time, unless you consider playing naked in the dirt a fun time. But overall I would (If you don't like cheese don't read further) say that I would take a good friend over a million dollars any day of the week.

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