Sunday, October 4, 2009

no school monday-not for me

Everyone is exited because they can sleep in on monday. Not me. I will know conplain about how woe is me and how my life stinks. I am so disapointed cause the class that I have to go to is my first period. It is a uvu distance education class that doesn't line up with the High School schedule. I have to go and be in class at eight-o-clock. I might just say forget this but there is a quiz that day, or at least my porfessor said there would be. If there isn't I might have to kill someone, actually, no with my luck I can't expect much. Which in turn means that I can't not show up cause if I didn't there would be for sure a quiz. The worst part of the day is that I have another class, but inconviniantly it is at 2:00 so I couldn't just stay at school. But going to school then getting home just to go back again is really the pitts(do they still say the pitts?) oh well if they don't I will just bring it back. Well I will try not to be a pessimst so at least confrence was good.

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