Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Rudy message

This week I watched Rudy. A uplifting story of a boy that works his whole life to run out of the locker room for Notre Dame. My hate for the insanely overrated fighting Irish aside, I thought the movie had a good message of putting your whole heart into what ever you do. He was not athletic and he put in countless hours just to be beat up on the prep team to be able to say that he played for Notre Dame. This illustrates one real aspect in life and that was that people who don't have the talent have the heart. I realize that hard workers are hard workers because they have to be. Those who are born with incredible talent develop the talent until they are accepted for the talent or in other words make the team as a starter. After they have accomplished this they don't have any outside pressure forcing them to be better. This happens all to often. Even the superstars are prone to this. They aren't like others because they put forth the hard work and they have the talent. But once they reach there goal they stop. For example, once Michael Phelps won his eight gold medals know what does he have to work for but to beat himself. "Defeat Yourself" a quote by C.J. Wilcox future NBA star, this quote means that if you can beat yourself you have succeeded. We have all heard this true yet overly cheesy quote countless times from coaches and parents. The problem is that no one has ever really done it except maybe Neil Armstrong. But we as people don't practice something to beat ourselves if we start out terrible. I am not going to join the golf team cause I am bad and want to improve. There are only four reasons we would do something. One, cause we are naturally good at it, that is the only reason I still play soccer. I am expected as a youth in the 21st century to have a hobby that I am good at. Yes I do enjoy playing it, but if I had my choice I'd play basketball because I love it the most. Second, we do something cause we love it, I wish I could say this about basketball. Third is we do something because our parents force us. This applies to me and piano. And fourth we do it cause it socially helps us. For instance someone plays quarter back because they want they attention(glory if you will) of the sport. This summarises half of the football team. They play/dress and watch cause that is what the cool kids do. I only hesitate to say half because some of the players only play football cause they are so freaking fat that's the only sport that they can participate in other than a particular sport in Japan.

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  1. Wo you stink at writng
    cameron lloyed bounting hunter
    just kidding. It was pretty good, but boring. Sean asten is the best actor ever. and he is fat. but at least sean connery is still worse.